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Vintage Center for Active Adults

Is the Vintage Center Right for Me?

Ever thought about meeting new people? Taking an exercise class? Traveling with friends to the theatre? Learning to play bridge? Or, maybe you need a resource for senior transportation or legal assistance. Perhaps you have questions about prescription drug coverage or health insurance.

If so, Vintage is for you. An attractive building located in revitalized East Liberty, our Center has been providing services to the community for more than 30 years. Our generous space allows us to offer a wide variety of activities and programs. In addition, our Center attracts members from a variety of backgrounds, mirroring the diversity that defines our region.

For details on the activities offered at the Vintage Senior Center, see our current Newsletter.
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Wellness for Life

Many of us strive for a longer, healthier and more productive life. Our lifestyle choices directly impact our health as we age. Lowering the risk of disease, maintaining high physical and mental function and remaining socially active are key components to any healthy aging plan. People who want to choose healthy habits will find a variety of activities at Vintage to support this choice.

Vintage provides comprehensive information and referral services, which include assistance in connecting with the following:

  • Programs and services within Vintage
  • Services throughout Allegheny County
  • Other community-service organizations
  • Senior transportation
  • Prescription drug benefits programs
  • Legal assistance
  • Income taxes and property tax rebates

Information and referral services are available on-site and by phone. If you have a question, we will do our best to find the answer or direct you to a place where the answer can be found. It is all part of our Center's goal--to become an invaluable and comprehensive resource to you

What is Healthy Aging?

At Vintage, we promote the following components of healthy aging:

  • Physical Health
    This includes regular exercise, nutritious eating habits, regular check-ups, preventative screenings and immunizations, and proper management of chronic conditions.
  • Emotional/Mental Health
    This encompasses exercising your brain with varied and stimulating activities and monitoring mental status changes.
  • Social Health
    This refers to maintaining friendships and social relationships.
  • Healthy Behavior Choices
    This is a reminder to make wise health decisions daily; for example, do not smoke or use tobacco products and take measures to reduce your risk of accidents and falls.
How Does Vintage Support Healthy Aging?
Vintage supports healthy aging by providing the programs and resources you need to accomplish your goals—whether those goals include making new friends, learning new skills or eating more healthily. Through a wide variety of exercise classes, routine health screenings, nutritious lunch programs, socialization activities and information on aging services, Vintage offers a multitude of opportunities that promote healthy aging and a healthy lifestyle.
Video about Vintage Senior Services
The Value of Friendships
Contact with others is important at any age. At Vintage, recreational activities that foster new friendships are available at all times. People routinely tell us that they participate in events, trips and classes not only for the opportunity to learn or experience something new, but also for the fellowship these activities promote. In addition to participating in activities, volunteering for activities is another great way to meet new people. Each year, volunteers contribute thousands of hours of service to Vintage. No matter what your interests may be, new friends and new experiences are waiting for you!